Home management options

Intelligent home solutions to users, we know what is good and therefore we have chosen the best products available.

Home management

We are the exclusive representatives in FIBAR GROUP FIBARO and products we have selected us due to the essential qualities - comfort, user-friendliness, simplicity and stylishness. One of the products is based on the concept for Z-Wave Technology, which is similar in most homes already used on wifi'le. One of the key aspects of our solution is that there is no need for new cables to the walls and strongholds. Intelligent home control modules connected to the existing switches and plugs! If desired, rearrange the home - to make the interior space or room feature - Modules can easily be taken out of the connection, and you want it to install!


Fibaro one of the most important aspects of the system is that the system allows you to integrate into a whole basically all the equipment used in your home. Various sensors, heating and ventilation systems, surveillance centers, IP cameras, all sorts of electric doors / windows can be linked to our system and put to work in harmony. Modules and sensors versatility by taking advantage of the ability to manage devices in accordance with predetermined criteria or circuits.

It is like a Lego kit, which can be stacked together and gradually develop, according to your wishes. For example, a universal sensor can be mounted to the vehicle and tie it full of light switch. However, the gate drive to install the relay module and full of flashing lights in front of the gate to open the gate. Such linkages and modification is a breeze and does not require programming skills.

Ease of Use

Our solutions offered by Apple are controlled so as Android devices. However, it is possible to control and monitor your home from any computer over the web.

What will the future bring?

Our proposed solution enables continuous product development to continually add new features! 2013 was designed following important notes

iPad application

To make home monitoring and control more convenient, Fibaro running out of iPad-ile special appliqué. Fastened to the wall, giving you the convenience and simplicity of the iPad to control your home from one central point. However, the iPad to take anywhere - but retains control over the home.

Outlet, power consumption monitoring

Fibaro worked out a special Z-Wave technology that supports the wall outlet. Makes it special, however, the real-time energy consumption indicator. Namely, the contact will be able to understand the power consumption of the load current, and accordingly change their color. Nutipistik are already available in our e-shop.